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    Illegal Aliens

    We watch Roswell season 1, episode 6: “285 South” and episode 7: “River Dog”

    Discussion topics: Max is the light that shines in the darkness. Menace versus the illusion of menace. Who’s running this history class? Valenti has secret backups. If Isabel is Spock, then Michael is McCoy and Max Kirk.

    Silverhandprint.com questionnaire files: http://www.roswelloracle.com/SHP/shpallies2.html

    Episode MVP for 285 South: Brendan Fehr

    Episode MVP for River Dog: Shiri Appleby

    Did you like this episode? What was your favorite part of the podcast? Let us know!

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    Joey zani

    I always watch these 2 episodes back to back. I heard someone call 285 South the Goonies episode once. I love these 2 episodes. This is where Michael and Maria first realize they have a lot in common. These 2 episodes are necessary for the development of their relationship. Love how Liz shows up at Max’s house and tells him she is going to the reservation with or without his blessing. She feels responsible for what is happening and feels almost obligated to try and make up for it. I think she also likes the adventure and how its different from her ordinary life. The questionnaires are fun. I love in class when Maria learns she is paired with Michael and she freaks out. I love everything Maria does she is a hoot. The Topolsky and Valenti banter is great. Topolsky needs some more FBI training she’s not a very good agent-LOL. Riverdog is a very interesting character. Kind of sad they went away from the Native American theme. Interesting that Nasado only trusted 2 people and one was a Native American.

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