News from Antar

Okay, maybe just news from Toronto. It’s Claire here with a much-overdue update for our loyal Roswellians.

Our last update said we were a few healing stones short of a podcast. Chris and I had hoped to be back with you by now. Unfortunately, in a case of life imitating art, we are still short healing stones and circumstances have prevented this from happening.

Going forward, I am afraid illness has made it impossible to continue with Illegal Aliens. It wouldn’t be the same with only myself at the helm; who would keep you in science fiction references? So with love and affection, this is goodbye. We’ve loved this project, and we’re going to miss hearing from you, whether you called in via email, or tweeted at us, or maybe commented over on the forum.

So keep watching the show; it’s worth it. And keep converting people to the Roswellian cause. It’s been a grand, albeit short run. At least we were able to see you through the first season. It’s besn a joy.


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