Episode 19: Most of this carnival is on the nose

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 20: Max to the Max

Discussion topics: Aliens integrating with humanity. Does Nasedo have a decent plan? Valenti’s arc from suspicion to confidence. Just how manipulative is Tess? Michael and Maria don’t have peace. The book is a token of trust. Tess and Max fight over who belongs. Genial Nasedo is Earth’s cruellest Dad? Rear view mirrors and peripheral vision. Max takes Liz for granted until she’s gone. No left turns at Albuquerque this week. Nasedo hangs around pretending to be the wall. Where can you use alien powers in plain sight?

Episode MVP: Jason Behr

Chris’ Rating: 5 funhouse mirrors
Claire’s Rating: 4 Carousels

We expect to catch up to Max with “The White Room” on Monday, October 9th. Sorry for the delay!

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