Episode 18: Clarity Dawns

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 19: Crazy

Discussion topics: Reality is too complicated for Occam’s razor. Does Tess bring out Max’s worst qualities? Isabel and Michael both long for more family.Max depersonalizes Nasedo. How outsider Valenti sees the world. Isabel and Tess duel with sunshine. Liz has to say what’s printed on the computer screens. The camera is shaky when Isabel is. How to pull an alien book from L-space. Tess knows when they’re watching her. The case of the wasted opportunity at the Puhlman ranch. Mothers always invite aliens/vampires in. Destiny’s just a codeword. Understanding Tess through her fears. Gaps in our alien symbology

Episode MVP: Jason Behr

Chris’ rating: 5 miniature cameras
Claire’s rating: 5 Buddhas

Special Unit is everywhere, but we’ll discuss “Max to the Max” sometime in September!

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