Episode 17: Highly Possessive Photo Box of Secrets

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 18: Tess Lies and Videotape

Discussion topics: Lots of people are lying. Tess is a spoiler magnet–and walks a tightrope. Rain makes aliens emotionally vulnerable. Digging underneath a kiss in the rain. Liz’s heart is her intuition. Max can’t explain without making things worse. There’s no business like spy business. Tess performs for the camera–which falls on its off button. Michael’s protective of Liz: friendship? Valenti is literally in the dark. Jason and Shiri emote with soulful looks.

Our first spoiler zone! Spoilers through season 2 after the theme music plays.

Thank you to Joey Zani for episode feedback on “Overbite” and “Party Trick Quote”!

Help Claire: Where did she hear of Miramar?

Episode MVP: Emilie de Ravin

Chris’ rating: 5 miniature camerasClaire’s rating: 5 Buddhas

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Special Unit is everywhere, but we’ll discuss “Four-Square” sometime in early September!

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