Can you help us find Topolsky?

This message came into the podcast email ( a few weeks ago:

From: Emmanuel Mawugnon

Dear Topolsky,

I sent this letter to you a month ago, but I’m not sure if you got it, I did not hear from you, and this is the reason why I repeat it again.
I am a lawyer, Emmanuel Mawugnon, I make this offer to you in connection with the death of Mr Devis Topolsky, who was my client before his unfortunate death, leaving some of the huge sums of money $ 7.5 million in the bank. After unsuccessful attempts to find his relatives there, I decided to contact you,I want you to assist me as the beneficiary for the conditions of claim for the amount. Please contact my email for full details and agreement shall be reach for percentage and send me your cell phone 
Emmanuel Mawugnon
So, can any of you help us find Ms Topolsky? She probably needs the money right about now…

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