Episode 14: The Bigger Dragon Who Eats the Dragon

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 15: Independence Day

Discussion topics: The three helpful voices around Michael. The freedom of having no boundaries. Monopoly rules aren’t life rules. Nasedo versus Tic tac man? Love and support leads to alien power control. Three mirrors of parental relationships.

Leaving on the Evening Tide, by Ron Hynes. 

Brain on drugs commercials:

  1. Original 80s version.
  2. 90s version with Rachael Leigh Cook that Maria referenced.
  3. Rachael Leigh Cook’s critical 2017 retake.

Chris K’s silly postscript to the episode.

Episode MVP: Brendan Fehr, (honorable mention to Robert F Lyons as Hank!)

Chris’ rating: 4 pies
Claire’s rating: 3 incriminating cowboy hats

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We’ll discuss “Sexual Healing” on August 14 2017.

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