Episode 9: Liz Has to Go Stand in the Corner

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 10: The Balance

Discussion topics: Everybody defeats fear by coming together, except Liz. Communion symbolism in River Dog’s cave. What does that yellow ketchup taste like? Moral judgements on alien physiological reactions. The imagery of Michael’s visions. Michael’s intuitive leaps and do-overs.. How to write TV shows with cell phones, 101. Max projects his fear onto Liz. Seeing Liz as competent and happy, for a moment.. Our first look at Senor Chow’s? Communication without speech. The energy mechanics of healing stones

Episode MVP: Shiri Appleby

Chris’ rating: 5 Healing Stones

Claire’s rating: 2 Cherry Cokes

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We’ll discuss “Toy House” on July 3 2017.

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