Episode 6: The Party Trick Quote from Ulysses

We watch Roswell season 1, episode 6: “285 South” and episode 7: “River Dog”

Discussion topics: Max is the light that shines in the darkness. Menace versus the illusion of menace. Who’s running this history class? Valenti has secret backups. If Isabel is Spock, then Michael is McCoy and Max Kirk.

Silverhandprint.com questionnaire files: http://www.roswelloracle.com/SHP/shpallies2.html

Episode MVP for 285 South: Brendan Fehr

Episode MVP for River Dog: Shiri Appleby

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Claire’s rating for 285 South: 3 unfinished questionnaires

Chris’ rating for 285 South: 1 giant inflatable alien

Chris’ rating for River Dog: 2 glowing hands

Claire’s rating for River Dog: 2 sugar canisters

1 week hiatus, but episode 7, discussing “Blood Brother” will air on June 12 2017


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