Z is for Zan #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers for seasons 1-3)

Zan was the Anatarian King and leader of the Royal Four. From Larek we learn that Zan first sees his wife Ava at the Dimaras Rock, and believes her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Although he declines both an offer of introduction and to speak with her himself, Larek does later succeed in bringing Ava and Zan together. He was killed along with the rest of his family by Kivar in an attempt to claim leadership of Anatar.

After Kivar’s insurrection, Zn with the rest of his family is cloned and sent to earth in pods. We meet him first as the very human Max Evans, and in season 2 are introduced to his counterpart, Zan. Zan, with contemporaries Ava, Lonnie and Rath travels from New York to meet with the Roswell Aliens, and goes so far as to suggest a summit. While this endeavour largely succeeds –Max does journey to New York –Zan never witnesses it. By the time Max arrives his counterpart has been killed, no more
successful a leader on Earth than he was on Anatar.

Later in the show, when Tess returns from Anatar with Max’s son in tow, we learn she has named him Zan after his father. Unlike Tess and Max, Zan is entirely human, and with this in mind Max chooses to let him go, in the hope he will find the normalcy that Max and the aliens have always searched for.

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