Y is for Y Roswell? #AtoZChallenge

I’ve been trying to figure out Y Roswell still matters to me so much, after all these years, that I want to spend time blogging and podcasting about it.

Because when the show got it right, it hit a sweet spot between science fiction, mystery, and romance.

Because it was able to conjure alien worlds without even showing them onscreen.

Because when the writers misstepped, the crash was usually funny.

Because nobody else ever asked “What if Romeo and Juliet was a first contact situation?”

Because talking about the show with other fans showed me that I’ll never run out of story ideas.

If you love Roswell too, then tell us Y!

2 thoughts on “Y is for Y Roswell? #AtoZChallenge

  1. Because I spent happy times watching it with my children when they were young, only to discover that when those same children became teenagers (!), it seemed they had, indeed, come from some strange and mysterious planet!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on Roswell! I watched it on TV, then bought all the series to watch again. The show was so good! My daughter and I still talk about it, and whenever we spot an actor/actress on something else now, we let each other know we spotted a Roswellian! …Also, I’ve been to Roswell during the UFO festival, and other times. My uncle was a sheriff in Roswell at the time of the original UFO crash. He said they were instructed never to speak of it. So, thanks for posting about the show! 🙂

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