W is for West Roswell High #AtoZchallenge Spoilers for seasons 1-3

West Roswell High School is the school that our teen characters attend, (though, in Michael’s case, he often prefers to spend his time elsewhere,) and one of our most frequently seen locations throughout the school. The West Roswell school colors are blue and gold. Their team mascot is the comets, with a motto of “Comets shoot for the stars”, though the sign seen outside the school reads “Pathway to Excellence and Integrity.”

The books that the show are based on were called “Roswell High”, and the television series was marketed under that name in certain areas, (to make it clear that it’s a teen show?) but there were good liability reasons for making up a completely fictional high school, as there’s a real Roswell High in Roswell, New Mexico.

The school’s address is sometimes given as 2006 Meadow Brook Lane, which is a real street address in Roswell, but it’s two or three miles east-southeast of downtown Roswell–the intersection of Main street and Second, where the Crashdown and the UFO center are located.

Among the extra CD-ROM features on the Roswell soundtrack was an annotated map of town. This map put West Roswell High very close to the west edge of town, near highway 380. The same map, however, placed Max and Isabel’s home at the other end of town, raising the question of why they weren’t going to a closer school.

Some of the most memorable scenes at the high school:

  • Liz discovering that Max’s cells don’t look human
  • Tess asking Liz why everybody was following her
  • Maria whacking Max with her bookbag after he asked her too many John F Kennedy questions
  • The junior prom in “Heart of Mine”
  • Many couples getting caught in eraser rooms and closets.
  • Max giving an impromptu graduation speech to buy time while others escape.

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