U is for the UFO Center #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers for seasons 1-2)

The UFO Center is an important setting through the first two seasons of the show. It’s a large warehouse-like building that’s always divided up into exhibits in different ways, usually with labyrinthine passages, and a sense of deeply ironic foreboding usually fills the scenes where our teenage aliens share the space with the patrons who are enjoying themselves looking at made-up tales of alien misfortune.

Max starts to work at the center in episode 3, “Monsters”, after going in to help Maria return money to a Crashdown customer that she short-changed. Through early season 1, the archives of alien research at the UFO Center serve as an important resource for the kids as they look for more aliens. The UFO Center also hosts the convention in the episode “The Convention.”

Max’s first boss at the UFO center, Milton Ross, disappears after the convention, but the center remains an important set through the rest of the season, even the scene for the final confrontation with Agent Pierce.

In Season 2, a new owner takes over the center: Brody Davis. The gang continue to use the UFO Center as a meeting place, though this occasionally backfires as Brody also keeps odd hours and occasionally bumps into them. Near the end of season 2, in “Off the Menu”, the center once again becomes the scene of a dangerous confrontation, as several of our teenage heroes and their family are held hostage there.

Like Brody, the UFO Center disappears completely in season 3, and Max apparently stops working there.

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