R is for River Dog #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers for Season 1)

River Dog is a character who appears in season 1 of Roswell. He is a respected elder in the Mesaliko Reserve. As a young boy he came into contact with a man he describes as ‘not like us,’ and from the account he gives we along with Max and Liz recognise what he means is alien. River Dog called this man ‘Nasedo’ because it meant ‘visitor’ in his own language. There is some ambiguity as to whether or not this is the same alien the main characters eventually refer to as ‘Nasedo.’He discovers the alien’s secret when he falls ill and is forced to teach River Dog how to use the healing stones. Consequently, when in Balance Michael likewise falls ill, River Dog is able to help Max and Isabel to heal him.

Max also learns from Riverdog that it was the alien he called Nasedo who was responsible for the death of Atherton –the handprinted victim whose picture Valenti shows to Liz in the pilot episode –though he doesn’t know why. In telling them of Nasedo he leads them to a cave covered in paintings of strange symbols that while Max cannot interpret he does recognise intuitively as familiar.

He last appears in Into the Woods when he and the aliens discover the symbol from the cave burnt into the ground. He says it is a sign and that it was meant for them; Nasedo is back.


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