P is for Pod Chamber #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers for seasons 1-3)

Located near the Pohlman ranch and the Mesaliko Reservation, the Pod Chamber is where Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were kept in incubation pods for roughly 40 years. Implicit in the show’s storytelling is the idea that the aliens were brought here by Nasedo for safekeeping before they hatched. The Pod Chamber appears as a jutting rock formation and is accessible only when one of the aliens passes a hand over the entrance and makes contact with the glowing handprint that appears there.

In addition to sheltering the incubating aliens, the Pod Chamber is also the place to which they bring an injured Nasedo for healing in season 1’s episode 22, Destiny. Later, in episode 3 of season 2, Surprise, Isabel discovers the Granolith behind the Pod Chamber.

Over the course of the show the Pod Chamber offers knowledge to the aliens, first in season 1 episode Four Square when Tess leads Max there in an effort to help him remember who she is. It works and he realises that she was with them in the pods, although she hatched later. As the first season concludes in the episode Destiny they return to the Pod Chamber and receive a message from the former Queen of Anatar outlining their destiny and why they were sent to earth. It is unsurprising then when in season 2, overwhelmed with the news of Tess’s pregnancy in Baby It’s You Tess and Max return to the Pod Chamber hoping for answers. It is here too, that in Departure the truth of Nasedo’s deal with Kivar emerges, and with seconds to spare the aliens must decide where their allegiance belongs; on earth where they have built their home or with their people on Anatar.

As the show draws to a close Liz leaves instructions in her journal urging her parents once they have read it, to take it to the desert and bury it by the Pod Chamber, the place where Max and the others were born.

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