L is for Liz Parker #AtoZChallenge (Spoiler for seasons 1-3)

We are first introduced to Liz Parker as a waitress at the Crashdown café and daughter to Jeff and Nancy Parker. When she is hit by a stray bullet in the pilot episode her life is fundamentally altered as Max Evans heals her.

An aspiring scientist with a keen mind, she is quick to discover that Max did more than cover her uniform with ketchup and so Max of necessity tells her the truth of his identity as well as that of Michael and Isabel.

Ever the scientist, Liz has the least trouble of her friends accepting the truth about the aliens, possibly because she uncovers the evidence to support it. She is given to decisive opinions and possesses a gift for deductive reasoning. While this enables her to conjure plans for the preservation of her friends’ safety, it does occasionally bring Liz into conflict with the people around her, especially towards the end of season 2. But these traits are tempered by the loyalty and kindness that compelled Max to heal her in the first place.

Roswell TV Series, Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker (dvdbash.wordpress.com)

Throughout the show Liz is often shown retreating to a balcony or rooftop patio strung with fairy lights. Early in the show’s run we usually find Liz here journaling and reflecting on the world around her but over time the balcony comes to play a central role in the lives of all the gang. Not only does it become a favourite meeting place of Max and Liz, but it is here on the balcony that Alex entertains his friends with slides as they reunite on his return from Sweden.

 Liz is close friends with Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman, and when we meet her in season 1 she is going out with Kyle Valenti. The connection Max opens between them, however, draws Liz almost compulsively to him as the series continues and it is not long after she dissolves her relationship with Kyle that Liz and Max begin a romance of their own.

By season 3 Liz has begun to exhibit alien powers, the most notable of these being vision-like flashes that anticipate the future. While they are exaserbated by contact with Max they are not dependent on it, as when she anticipates an attack on a customer at the Crashdown and later, the outcome of her letter of acceptance to Northwestern University. Although she tries on various occasions to break up with Max, when the show ends she goes with him and the others into the unknown choosing to face the future with him.

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