I is for Isabel Evans #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers for seasons 1-3)

Isabel Evans is sister to Max and close friend to Michael Guerin. More so than Michael or Max she has an active school and social life and craves normalcy and security for herself. Perhaps in an effort to achieve these things and simultaneously shield her identity, Isabel initially presents as aloof, almost standoffish, a façade that covers a much kinder core, as we learn when she argues for Alex’s inclusion in the alien secret.

Her distinctive power is dream walking, a skill we see her use most often in the first season to assess the trustworthiness of the people who have discovered the aliens’ identities. Perhaps as an extension of this, she is seen to suffer visions of people in distress, though unlike the dream walking this appears to be out of her control

She is good friends with Michael and has been ever since primary school when she offered him her lunch. Over the course of the show she develops friendships both with Maria and Liz, and begins a relationship with Alex, albeit tentatively. Later she marries Jesse Ramierez, a young lawyer who works with her father

Isabel was found with Max by the side of the road aged 6 and adopted by Diane and Phillip Evans. She is especially close with her mother and grapples repeatedly with the strain of actively deceiving her parents about the truth of her own and Max’s identity, perhaps most notably in Toy House. Ultimately, when the family is put under pressure by the Air Force in Four Aliens and a Baby it is Isabel that tells her parents the truth; ‘Max’s baby is an alien…so am I.’

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