B is For Brody #AtoZChallenge (Spoilers from Roswell Season 2)

Brody Davis first appears in early season 2 of Roswell, when he takes over the UFO centre where Max Evans works.

He shares a body with alien Larek who communicates with Max, Isabel and Michael by taking control of Brody’s body. Brody has no memory of Larek or his experiences, and reconciles the lost time by claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

Believing there is a part of his brain that stores the memories of these abductions Brody builds a device to access them. This goes wrong, causing Larek’s memories to overlap with Brody’s, causing him to remember both the Alien Summit and the Royal Four. Frightened by the intrusion of Larek’s memories he later takes Max, Tess, Liz and Maria as well as Maria’s mother and cousin hostage at the UFO centre.

Max is able to redress the balance of Brody’s memories by application of his healing gift, returning Larek’s experiences to Brody’s subconscious. Needing to preserve the alien secret, however, Tess subsequently wipes his mind of both the hostage taking and the shared memories with Larek.

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