A is for Alex #AtoZchallenge (spoilers for season 1)

Alex Charles Whitman is Liz and Maria’s friend in the TV series “Roswell.” For the first several episodes, they keep the alien secret from him, but soon he’s brought up to speed, and begins a sweetly awkward courtship of Isabel Evans. Throughout the show, he’s portrayed as smart, a little wonky, and passionate about music, something he shares with Maria.

Favorite moments in the series for Alex:

  • Pretending to co-operate with Topolsky in order to figure out what her real agenda is. “What’s the FBI doing at West Roswell?”
  • Sitting with Isabel on the camping trip, as she tells him about the stars. (Even though Alex is the geeky one, they don’t make him into a know-it-all, and he’s so obviously delighted to share this thing that Isabel knows so much and cares so much about.)
  • Turning on a dime moments after Liz tells him the secret and standing up to the sheriff, talking him into letting both of them go.

Crash into more Roswell discussion about Alex and all of his friends with our podcast! Coming Monday nights this April. Each day for A to Z we’re going to spotlight a character or plot element from the Roswell show that corresponds with the day’s letter.

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  1. Hello,

    Good Luck with the A-Z. Great theme. I never once watched this show when it was on weekly; only began to watch when I had Netflix……..I was hooked after the first 10 minutes. Keep writing!

    Zulu Delta

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